October Photo Contest Winner!

October Photo Contest Winner!

We get some fantastic video every month but we also love to showcase the fantastic photos that are also submitted. This is the case for Stephanie whose daughter was able to enjoy kayaking at the beach despite her broken wrist.

With Christmas happening over the summer holidays in Australia, it is the perfect time to plan a holiday but of course nothing ever goes to plan. With Christmas three days away and an upcoming trip to Wallaroo Stephanie’s daughter broke her wrist.

With lots of water based activities planned as well as the need to make bath time simpler Stephanie needed a solution. Luckily Bloccs® was recommended by the fracture clinic at the hospital that did the casting. After looking more into it Stephanie realised that Bloccs® could be the perfect waterproof and childproof solution.

Stephanie went ahead and ordered two Child Arm Covers of the same size. On holiday in South Australia knowing that they would have a jam-packed holiday Stephanie made sure that there was a spare so that her daughter could enjoy as many of the activities as possible without too much stress.

With the help of Bloccs® Stephanie’s holiday went as planned! Her daughter got to join in with her brother on all of the many water-based activities including swimming, kayaking, boating and playing in the sand on the beach. It was even used for slightly more boring but just as important things such as bath time.

The cover was used multiple times a day and Stephanie’s daughter got to have a wonderful holiday even with a broken wrist!

For this fabulous photo Stephanie has a won a $AUD 75 Amazon voucher! Her daughter plans to spend it on not just herself but her brother as well.

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