It all started when our Company Director’s child suffered an injury and it soon became apparent that keeping their cast dry when showering and bathing was going to be a real challenge.

The family run company is a specialist rubber dipping manufacturer and has over 50 years of experience of making dry suit wrist, ankle and neck seals for the marine industry. So it didn’t take long before we applied this knowledge and Bloccs® was born.

Bloccs® easily slip over casts and dressings to keep arm, leg, elbow and knee injuries 100% dry. They are self-sealable, reusable and enable children and adults to continue showering, bathing and swimming. Bloccs® are available in a variety of sizes. They provide a safer alternative to taping a carrier bag to a limb, balancing on one leg in the shower or attempting to wash with only one hand.


    Orders are shipped from within Australia, so simply choose where you would like your order to be sent! Whether it's your home address, a holiday address or even delivered straight to a loved one.


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